Dr. Dieter and Nancy Jedan Endowed Scholarship

The goal of this endowed scholarship is twofold to: (1) Assist and encourage international students from the department’s bilateral exchange partner universities to study at Southeast Missouri State University; and (2) Provide Southeast students the opportunity to meet with, learn from and start friendships with these incoming students and thereby be encouraged to study abroad. Recipients of this scholarship will be non-degree seeking international exchange students enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University from the following universities with which the Department of Global Cultures and Languages currently has exchange agreements*: • Université d’Angers – Angers Francee • Universidad de Costa Rica, Turrialba Campus – Turrialba, Costa Rica • Universidad de Las Americas, Quito Campus – Quito, Ecuador
• Technische Universität Dortmund – Dortmund, Germany
• Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena – Jena, Germany
• Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro – Querétaro, Mexico
• Universidad de León – León, Spain
• Universidad Antonio de Nebrija – Madrid, Spain
*In consultation with Dr. Jedan or his designated heir (as long as she desires), as additional exchange agreements are executed by the Dept. of Global Cultures and Languages, those institutions may be added.

Application Process: Applications for the scholarship are available in the Department of Global Cultures and Languages. Students apply by submitting an essay describing (1) their reason for wanting to study at Southeast Missouri State University; (2) their previous international experiences; (3) how their study at Southeast will assist them in their major; and (4) how their study at Southeast will influence their profession. Applicants must address all points.

Letters of Recommendation: Two (2) letters of recommendation are required from the student’s home university; one from the applicant’s international program advisor and the other from a professor in his/her major.

Required Presentations: Recipients agree to present a minimum of two presentations (PowerPoint, etc.) while at Southeast. These presentations are open to all Southeast students. The first presentation shall focus on the student’s home university and will take place before Mid-Term. The second presentation shall compare and contrast living and studying in his/her home country and the United States. This presentation will take place between Mid-Term and Finals.

Amount of Award: Non-degree seeking international exchange students typically study at Southeast for only one semester. It is recommended that the amount of the award is contingent upon the amount of interest accrued during the academic year. Maximum amount of the award: $500. If more interest is received during a particular year, more than one stipend may be awarded.

Application deadlines are also extended to June 1 for Fall semester study and October 1 for Spring semester study to coincide with international application timelines.