Study Abroad - Tadeusz Ujejski*

This scholarship is for an American student studying in the United Kingdom. First preference is given to students enrolled in the fall or spring semester. However, students enrolled in the summer semester are eligible to receive this scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. 1. Are you currently studying abroad?
  2. 2. If you answered yes to question #1, where are you studying abroad? Then skip ahead to question #5.
  3. 3. If you answered no to question #1, when do you plan to study abroad?
  4. 4. If you answered no to question #1, what country (or countries) do you want to study abroad in? If you are undecided, please enter "undecided."
  5. 5. Please provide an essay (max 750 words) that addresses the following questions: a. Why do you want to study abroad? b. What do you expect to gain from the study abroad experience? c. Why do you believe you are deserving of a study abroad scholarship award?