MerchantCards Scholarship 2018-2019

College is expensive–that’s no secret. At, we’re very well aware of all the adversities that some students have to power through on their way to higher education. To help contribute to the rising costs of higher education, we’ve come up with a scholarship program.

This one-time gift will be awarded to one student who will submit the most riveting and comprehensive essay on the given topic. Scholars of all majors are encouraged to submit their application.

All scholars must include the following details into their email upon submission:

Full names A telephone number and Home address Name of the institution of higher education; field of study/major; year of graduation Proof of attendance of an educational institution is mandatory for participation Active social media network profile links The scholars who qualify will be emailed

Essay Topic

All student applicants must submit a comprehensive, unique and well-written 1000+ words essay on the following topic:

“The Impact of Mobile payments on Spending. Highlight how mobile payments could lead shoppers to spend more frivolously at the register.”