Alliance Recruitment Agency - Interior Design Scholarship

When it comes to making a space well-functional and aesthetically beautiful, interior design plays a significant role. The job of an interior designer includes floor plans, choosing color schemes, decorative pieces, furniture, furnishing, etc. for residential or commercial space. The interior design should be such that each corner of the space should be utilized in the optimum manner and at the same time should be pleasing to the eyes.

The interior designers ensure that the home and office is designed in such a way that there is enough air and light in the room to make it safe & hygienic for humans. Whether it is designing new structures or renovating already built structures, interior designers work with architects to give life to the four walls.

To apply for the scholarship, the candidate

Should be a citizen or permanent resident of USA or Canada. Should be 18 years or above in age. Should have graduated from high school / secondary school or equivalent. Should be a regular student and not a dropout. Should have enrolled or planning to enroll in an undergraduate/graduate program with an accredited college/university. Is planning to take up a degree course in interior designing. Should have achieved Cumulative GPA of at least 3.9 scale. Should have completed at least 1 term of college/university before applying.

The application for interior design scholarship should include –

An essay of about 500 words on the topic “Why I choose my career in interior designing” Give a brief in 200 words on the topic “Which aspect attracts you most in a design and How will you apply that in a vintage design?” Few lines saying about how modern ideas inspire your design A floor plan for a hotel room 1/4” to 1’ 0”scale. Design of a wardrobe, sealing with chandelier in a vintage designs.