The Zebra "Show of your Stripes" 2019 Scholarship

The Zebra is the leading car insurance comparison marketplace in the U.S. We’ve achieved our successes because everyone on our team brings their individual skills, experiences, and personalities to the table. Everyone’s different – and that’s a great thing! From the Z Team in our wonderful city of Austin, Texas to the rest of the great wide United States, we embrace all cultures and creeds, and actively celebrate our differences. How do you celebrate the vibrant uniqueness around you?

Send us a video or a three-photo album of you and your best friend, your grandma, your neighbor — it’s totally up to you — and tell us what different things you like about each other, what you’ve learned from your relationship, or what message you have about inclusiveness to share with the world. However you choose to say it, one thing is important to remember: we’re here to applaud our uniquenesses. We hope you’ll join us!