HardMoneyHome.com Volunteerism and Entrepreneurship Scholarship

HardMoneyHome.com is offering a $1,000 scholarship to an eligible student who has a dedicated interest in volunteerism and entrepreneurship.

In video format, please provide answers to the five questions below:

Please share your volunteering story with us. Where have you volunteered and what were your duties? How long have you been volunteering and how many hours have you dedicated to volunteering? What have you learned from your experience as a volunteer? How has this experience affected you? Please tell us about your interest in entrepreneurship. Why do you want to become an entrepreneur? Do you have specific plans to start a business, organization, or non-profit or have you started a business, organization, or non-profit already? What will you be studying in school in the Spring of 2019 and how has your role as a volunteer and your interest in entrepreneurship influenced this choice of study? Why should you receive this scholarship and how will it help you?