Our Home Love

As most of you, student life is one of the most important periods of time of my life. Student life is golden time to learn, to grow and to fall in love.

During my student time, I had made many mistakes and faults that I might be regret somehow. I can’t deny that if I were go back, I would not have decided as I did. But the biggest lesion is what I have learn a lot from that time. I have to believe in what I choose and follow it till the end.

To get the scholarship, please write about your most memorable experiences during your student life. It can be a good friendship which helps and raises you up. It can be about your difficulties and how you overcome it. It can be love broken stories. The more you share, the more connected we are.

Your written submission should be between 1,000 to 1,500 words, although the length is not strictly enforced.

Submissions must be sent to us by email to: ann@ourhomelove.com