Solid Essay Scholarship

Select ONE topic below and be sure to include the topic number after your name and email address on the top, first page of your essay. For example:

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Topic: #2

Are you ready? Here are your topics:
TOPIC #1: Virtual reality – what kind of future will it allow us to have?

Explain the current and future uses of virtual reality Describe the pros and cons of using virtual reality

TOPIC #2: Are some careers still only for men?

Describe careers that are still mostly male-dominated and explain why Explain how (if possible) women can enter these professions

TOPIC #3: Is online classroom the classroom of the future?

Explain the pros and cons of the online classroom Describe how we can transition to online classrooms and the possible impact

TOPIC #4: How can you turn your passion into wealth?

Identify what is wealth and how it can be quantified Give examples of “passions or hobbies” that can be used to generate “wealth” Explain the process of using your passion to generate wealth

TOPIC #5: Should foreign language classes be mandatory for all students?

Identify the main (or most universally used languages) Explain why all students should be taught these languages Give examples of how you think life would be better if we all spoke at least two languages

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