David Gordon Law Scholarship

The Memphis-based Law Office of David E. Gordon is proud to announce that we will award two scholarships worth a combined $1,500 to current and prospective U.S. college students who write winning essays or submit winning videos in our Scholarship Essay & Video Contest.

Essay & Video Requirements

You must submit an original essay of no more than 600 words or an original video of no longer than two minutes that addresses the following topic:
Kolin Kapernick drew much attention when he refused to stand for the national anthem before an NFL game. Was he wrong not to stand or was it a legitimate method to bring attention to a real problem in our country?

Your essay or video must reflect that you have thoroughly researched the subject. You must cite to all sources of information. If you have a personal experience to share, please do so. Do not plagiarize, which is grounds for immediate disqualification. You are limited to one essay or video.