The Ecommerce Platforms MarTech Science Scholarship

How can great marketing impact the world? What have you done to showcase your passion for building
and marketing new products, whether it be through a past internship or working on a new online
business in your garage? Can you talk about a new product or business idea that could fare well in the
ecommerce world? What about this new idea is going to benefit potential customers and make their lives

If you’re more into the technology science area, feel free to talk about your aspirations as an ecommerce
developer or designer. Are you currently working on an idea that could potentially improve the way
ecommerce professionals work on a daily basis?

Please submit your response to Ecommerce Platforms. After that, we’ll review all responses and the
winner will receive a $2,000 check to be spent on tuition fees and supplies for school.

The whole point of the scholarship is to understand what types of ideas you have in terms of marketing
or ecommerce development. We encourage you to get as descriptive as possible, even if you haven’t
necessarily made a prototype for your product or constructed a wireframe for your ecommerce store.

Whether it’s an interesting technique for ecommerce marketing or a cool new form of hiking boots, we
want to hear how you plan to make it happen.

Feel free to include everything from diagrams to sketches. You can also simply decide to write an essay
describing your experiences and ideas. Designs are excellent to see, but you’re not required to submit
them if you’re not comfortable with that. The deadlines for the scholarship are strict, so make sure you
pay attention to those dates.