SGM Law Group

At SGM Law Group, we understand that quality education is often the cornerstone of a successful professional career. With ever-rising education costs, It takes more than just passion and commitment to obtain a university degree. Attending college or university is simply not financially viable today for many students without scholarships or financial aid of some form. These factors have inspired us to create a $1,000 bi-annual scholarship.

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in academics and as a law firm, we seek to reward a passionate and determined student interested in the field of law. As attorneys, we have all benefited from scholarships throughout our academic careers and now we hope to play a small role in helping a deserving student realize his or her academic goals.

Students will have the opportunity to earn $1,000 towards their education by submitting a 500 – 1000 word essay, which can be written on any of the topics listed below. Please be aware that anything over 1000 words will not be considered. Once the winner of this award is chosen, a check for $1,000 will be made to the scholarship recipient’s school of choice to help cover education expenses