Flosum Scholarship

ost clients are aware about the need of additional product for management of salesforce deployments. Other Salesforce management tools are not as effective and helpful as Flosum. They do not provide the complete solution concerning release management. For students who wish to pursue a career in Salesforce management, Flosum is willing to provide scholarships to those students.

Flosum helps you to close the gap that is the main weakness between Salesforce platforms and Release Management. The Salesforce DX developer’s offers marketplace solutions combined; they do not provide chain management. Mostly, the users of Flosum are Salesforce developers, business analysts and release managers. There is industrial strength which comes with platform and enlists modern cloud to help salesforce developers to deliver in business value.

The Flosum team is excited to announce this initiative of offering scholarships to students for the year 2017-18. Flosum will award a scholarship of $750 to an outstanding college student pursuing studies in application lifecycle management or salesforce release management with a demonstrated interest in the field of Salesforce DX.