Margaret Woods Allen Addictions Nursing

The Margaret Woods Allen Addictions Nursing Scholarship shall be an annual spring award in the amount of $500 based on essays submitted in the spring semester of each academic year and shall be awarded at the spring semester recognition ceremony for the following fall semester. The winning essay will be determined by the Office of Addictions Board of Directors. Application guidelines are as follows: 1. Applicants must be currently enrolled as students in good standing in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program of the Nursing Department at Southeast Missouri State University. 2. Five copies of the essay and one set of copies of works cited in the essay shall be submitted to the Office of Addictions secretary prior to the start of Spring Break each spring semester. The secretary shall distribute a copy of each essay submitted to the Office of Addictions to the Board of Director (BOD) members on the Monday following Spring Break of each year. BOD members will have access to each essay?s supportive materials should they need to check applicant citations in essay texts. The BOD members will review the essays, and they shall meet as a group to make the final decision as to which essay should be awarded the scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide a short essay on a topic related to addictions nursing.